Month: June 2021

Grayson’s SyndromeGrayson’s Syndrome

Newsletter Grayson’s Syndrome (Grayson-Wilbrandt Corneal Dystrophy) What is Grayson’s Syndrome? Grayson’s Syndrome, also known as Grayson-Wilbrandt Corneal Dystrophy (GWCD), is a very rare type of corneal dystrophy characterized by varying patterns of opacification in the Bowman layer of the cornea that extend anteriorly into the epithelium, with reduced to normal visual acuity. Corneal dystrophies are […]

Pharmacology – Mechanism of Action of All DrugsPharmacology – Mechanism of Action of All Drugs

Newsletter Mechanism of Action of All Drugs This is a pretty comprehensive article that explains the mechanism of action of all commonly prescribed medications.   1. Analgesics Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) Mechanism of Action Weak inhibitor of the synthesis of prostaglandins, Paracetamol also decreases prostaglandin concentrations in vivo. Aspirin Mechanism of Action Aspirin causes reduction of inflammation, analgesia, the prevention of clotting, and antipyretic. Much […]

Achalasia CardiaAchalasia Cardia

Newsletter Achalasia Cardia Achalasia Cardia is the functional failure of relaxation of the lower oesophageal sphincter due to loss of the ganglion cells in the myenteric (Auerbach’s) plexus. Previous Next Click the button below to Download 300+ High-Yield Medical Presentations and eBooks Download Now Share this : Where can I download Anesthesiology Books for free? […]

Upper Gastrointestinal BleedingUpper Gastrointestinal Bleeding

Newsletter Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Upper gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding is a potentially life-threatening abdominal emergency. These presentation images will describe everything about Acute gastrointestinal (GI) bleeding. Previous Next Click the button below to Download 500+ High-Yield Medical Presentations and eBooks Download ALL STUDY RESOURCES in MEDICINE Share this : Related Articles How to Study Anatomy? Newsletter […]

Oblique PlaneOblique Plane

Newsletter Oblique plane Anatomical Body Planes and Sections – Anatomy and Physiology – Oblique plane The anatomical body planes and sections help us learn the many ways in which the body can be viewed when divided into sections in anatomy and physiology. They’re extremely important to understand if you want to work in a healthcare sector […]