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Heart Block Poem

Newsletter Heart Block Poem Heart Block Poem: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Degree Types and ECG Rhythm Explained Heart blocks poem is an easy way to explain the different types of AV blocks and their ECG (EKG) rhythms! Example rhythm strips included. Great for nursing, USMLE, and medical learners! Get Lifetime Access to 570+ Medical Presentations If […]

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BUBBLE LE Acronym for Postpartum Assessment

Newsletter BUBBLE LE Acronym for Postpartum Assessment BUBBLE LE Acronym BUBBLE LE Acronym is one of the most popular and useful mnemonics in nursing to remember the order in Postpartum Assessment. It can be a little difficult to remember the Postpartum Assessment. So this article will help you greatly.  Download our Medical MNEMONICS eBook What […]

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