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Abnormal Cervical Smear

Abnormal Cervical Smear

Abnormal Cervical Smear History: A 28-year-old woman attends the colposcopy clinic after an abnormal smear test. She is very anxious as she thinks that she might have cervical cancer. The...

fetal placenta

Fetal Placenta – Normal & Abnormal

Fetal Placenta The placenta is a fetomaternal organ. The functional unit of the fetal placenta is the fetal cotyledon. The mature human placenta has about 120 fetal cotyledons grouped into visible lobes (frequently...

pregnancy medicine

Pregnancy – 42 Weeks

Pregnancy – 42 Weeks The First Trimester Week 1 & 2 : Though considered the first two weeks of your pregnancy, you are not actually pregnant. However, your body is...