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Clinical Medicine

Clinical medicine is the common form of medicine, which represents the responsibilities of the general clinician towards patients. Briefly, clinical medicine is the study and practice of medicine based on direct observation of patients. Understanding patient’s problems by a proper clinical history, examinations and investigations and the methods of treatments are very important to diagnose the disease. Therefore clinical medicine has an important role in diagnosing a disease and treating the patient.

Unlike other science fields that focus more on the theoretical and basics of medical science, in clinical medicine, medical practitioners assess patients in order to diagnose the disease, cure the patient, and prevent disease. Medical practitioners conduct a medical interview about a patient, called clinical history which includes the following: 

  1. Chief complaint/Presenting complaint to identify the problem
  2. History of presenting complaint that explains the chief complaint. Here, Signs, symptoms, other associated problems, how they change over the time and all other clinical features of the patient are assessed in detail.
  3. Inquiry of other systems such as recent and abrupt changes in weight, fevers, sleep etc.
  4. Past medical & surgical history, that will be useful in diagnosis and management of the patient. 
  5. Family & Social history to to see familial diseases, habit of drinking alcohol etc.
  6. Drug history to see ongoing medications and adverse effects due to drugs
  7. Allergies for foods, drugs, plasters etc.

Physical examination is carried out using common medical devices such as stethoscope, tongue depressor, thermometer, etc. to diagnose the disease and some relevant medical investigations may also be conducted, e.g. blood tests, biopsy, etc. to come a diagnosis.

By using the clinical history from the patient, clinical examination findings and the data from investigation reports from laboratories, physician makes the diagnosis and prescribes medications (e.g. pharmacological drug treatments) accordingly. 

Journal of Clinical Medicine

Journal of Clinical Medicine is an international peer-reviewed open access journal published monthly online by MDPI, an organisational acronym used by two related organisations, Molecular Diversity Preservation International and Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, which were both co-founded by Shu-Kun Lin. – According to Wikipedia.

Differences Between Clinical Medicine, Basic Medicine and MBBS

Clinical medicine is the study and practice of medicine based on direct observation of patients which focuses on diagnosis and management of the patient.

Basic medicine focuses on studying the basic structural and functional theories of the human and diseases which gives the fundamental support for the clinical medicine.

MBBS full form is Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, is more comprehensive. MBBS is a degree that combines both theoretical and practical medical knowledge. In conclusion, MBBS  is a combination of clinical medicine and basic medicine.

We can compare the differences among them by, 

clinical medicine

Clinical Medicine Review (CMR)

The Clinical Medicine Review provides a platform for communication and the sharing of knowledge for academics, researchers, and practitioners in the field of clinical medicine. CMR intends to offer timely and sustainable publication of research articles, review articles, case reports, and editorials.

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