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Clinical Examinations Notes

Clinical Examination is one of the difficult subjects in medical, dental, and nursing school. We bring you Clinical Examination Notes to help you out. 

Clinical examinations are medical procedures that involve the physical examination of a patient to assess their health status and to diagnose or monitor any medical conditions they may have.

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What are the key areas covered in Clinical Examinations?

The key areas covered in clinical examinations include:

Vital signs: This includes measuring the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature to assess their overall health status.

General appearance: This includes observing the patient’s appearance, body position, and behavior to look for signs of distress or abnormalities.

Head and neck examination: This includes examining the patient’s eyes, ears, nose, throat, and mouth to look for signs of infection, inflammation, or abnormalities.

Cardiovascular examination: This includes listening to the patient’s heart and lungs to assess their cardiovascular health and detect any abnormalities.

Abdominal examination: This includes palpating the patient’s abdomen to assess the size, shape, and tenderness of their organs and detect any abnormalities.

Musculoskeletal examination: This includes examining the patient’s muscles, bones, and joints to assess their mobility, strength, and range of motion.

Neurological examination: This includes assessing the patient’s reflexes, sensations, and coordination to detect any neurological abnormalities.

Mental health assessment: This includes evaluating the patient’s mental status, mood, and cognitive function to assess their mental health and detect any mental health disorders.

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