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Hello Friends!

I’m Dr.Rishad Thahir (MBBS), a Medical Doctor from Sri Lanka. I started this website in my 3rd year of Medical College.

I always find a way to help people whenever I can. So I developed this site to provide study materials for medical, dental and nursing students.

I’m so humbled to say that the entire website and all the study material on this website except books are made by me. 

Why such a website?

Idea of creating this wonderful website came when I was a first year medical student. But due to very busy schedule and lack of money, I couldn’t start a website. 

Instead of that, I created a Facebook fan-page which has nearly 700,000 followers now. So now it’s easy to provide medical study materials through website as well as my Facebook page.and facebook fan page.


I’m from Hapugastalawa, a village which is 40km away from Kandy, Srilanka.

Becoming a Doctor and serve the community, a dream which started when I was 5 years old.

But as I grow up, I was so interested in computers and started learning computer programming when I was 13 and started developing websites and small computer programs.


I participated in Microsoft Innovative Software Competition in 2008 & 2009 and I’ve submitted 5 small software in science which I made, but I failed all the times and only got the certificates for the participation. After that I decided to make a big one with confidence. So I worked very hard, spent around 10 months and programmed an awesome software called “Science Software” and got the 1st place in Microsoft Software Competition, at my age of 16. An interesting and unforgettable incident at that time was, even the Lecturers of Computer Engineering Department, who were judges, didn’t believe that a 16 year old school student is able to do coding for such a software. They asked me to code some difficult functions I used in my software, in front of them and I did it well.

That achievement was just 1 month before my G.C.E. Ordinary level exams. After that I sat for the exams and got 7 Distinctions out of 9 subjects.

Then I had to make a big decision whether to choose Physical science or Biological science in my Advanced Level (A/L) Studies. 

As I said, my dream was to become a doctor even though I have some achievements in IT field. Everyone including my elder brother, who is now an Electrical & Electronic Engineer, persuaded and encouraged me to choose Physical Science stream as I’m interested in IT field. But I studied in Biological science stream and worked very hard for my dream. 5 days before Advanced Level (A/L) exams, I was invited to receive another award for the software which I developed during A/L period.

Then I sat for Advanced Level exams, the A/L results was also released and had 2 Distinctions out of 3 and got medical faculty entrance at my first attempt.

Up to now I have colors in Microsoft Innovative Software Competition in 5 consecutive years, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013.

But I have never been to a computer class so far, I studied computer programming on my own using internet and by reading books.

Practicing medicine is the most interesting thing for me, but I was so worried about my Computer programming skills which I couldn’t develop after entering into medical faculty.

However, I found some time to develop this website in order to provide medical study materials and articles totally for free. I hope all the contents on this site will be beneficial for you.


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The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others

I very much look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me.

Email : rishad@rishacademy.com
Phone : +94 77 666 16 30