How to Study Anatomy in Medical School?

How to Study Anatomy in Medical School

Anatomy is one of the difficult subjects, yet interesting subject in medical school. Your knowledge in Anatomy will help you throughout your carrier, also one day it will be lifesaving.

So I’ll give you some tips to study Anatomy effectively in a short time and some tips to score highest marks in your exams. 

1) Have a brief introduction in your mindIn the very first day of your semester you should have a clear idea on the content that you are going to learn. For Example, if you’re learning Anatomy of the Abdomen, you should have put a clear sketch on your mind that you’re going to study Stomach, Liver, Pancreas etc and the blood supply, nerve supply, histology and embryology of each organ and the related clinical cases etc.

2) Find a good Anatomy Book with clear illustrationsThis is the very important key in learning, because you can’t understand the real human anatomy without a clear diagram. Just reading the text book has nearly ZERO impact, if you don’t go through clear anatomical illustrations. 

3) Make your own notesThis is not actually essential, but at least you should take short notes, so you can recall everything in the night before exams. 

4) Draw your own diagrams – This is a super effective method which boosts your Anatomy knowledge. After learning a structure, draw your own diagrams on your practice book or papers and label the structures. So you’re unlikely to forget the structures easily. 

5) Repetition The more you learn, you’re more likely to forget many small points. So what you should need to keep everything that you’ve learned on your mind is to repeat what you’ve learned again and again. You can revise your notes daily, weekly or monthly, but repetition is essential to sharpen your anatomy knowledge. 

6) Memorization TacticsThis methods makes your learning easy. You can use various methods like Mnemonics, Flashcards, diagrams, charts etc. You can find many mnemonics in our Flashcards section. 

7) Other methods like group studying, watching videos and Self-Quizzing are also effective and proven methods to learn Anatomy better. 

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