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Hypocalcemia Mnemonic

Mnemonics in Hypocalcemia

It can be a little difficult to remember everything about Hypocalcemia. In this article, we have stated some Mnemonics which are popular and useful mnemonics to remember some important theories related to Hypocalcemia.

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Causes of Hypocalcemia Mnemonic – HARVARD

  • H Hypoparathyroidism, Hyperphosphatemia, Hypomagnesemia, Hungry bone syndrome

  • AAcute Pancreatitis

  • R Renal Failure, Rapid citrated blood transfusion

  • VVitamin D3 Deficiency

  • A – Alkalosis

  • E – Rhabdomyolysis

  • D – Drugs (Eg – Bisphosphonates) 

Hypocalcemia signs & symptoms Mnemonics – SPASMODIC

  • S Spasm

  • P Perioral Paraesthesia

  • A Anxious, Arrythmia

  • S Seizure

  • M Muscle tone increased

  • O Orientation impaired and confusion

  • D Dermatitis

  • I Impetigo herpetiformis

  • C – Chvostek sign, Cardiomyopathy

ECG changes in Hypocalcemia

The ECG hallmark of hypocalcemia is the prolongation of the QTc interval because of the lengthening of the ST segment, which indirectly proportional to the degree of hypocalcemia or, as otherwise stated, inversely proportional to the serum calcium level.

Hypocalcemia Mnemonic ecg rish academy
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