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I GET SMASHED Mnemonic for causes of Pancreatitis

I GET SMASHED Mnemonic/Acronym

I Get Smashed Mnemonic is one of the most popular and useful mnemonics to remember the causes of Pancreatitis.

Acute Pancreatitis is defined as inflammation of the pancreas within a short period of time. The 2 main causes of Acute Pancreatitis are Alcohol intake in Male and Gall Stone Disease in female. But there are other several causes that can be remembered using a popular mnemonic – I GET SMASHED


What does ”I GET SMASHED stand for?

The mnemonic “I GET SMASHED” represents common causes of acute pancreatitis.

I Idiopathic

The letter I implies an idiopathic cause, which means that there is no known cause. Between 15 to 25% of cases of Pancreatitis are idiopathic.


Gallstones, one of the most typical causes of Acute Pancreatitis, are represented by the letter G.

E Ethanol

The E represents ethanol (i.e., alcohol). About one-third of Acute Pancreatitis cases may be linked to heavy alcohol use. It is one of the most frequent causes of acute pancreatitis, along with gallstones.

T Trauma

Trauma is denoted by the T. Accidental or surgical trauma can damage pancreatic tissue, which can lead to Acute Pancreatitis.

S Steroids

Steroid use is indicated by the S. Large doses of steroids have the potential to cause Pancreatitis through an unidentified mechanism.

M Mumps, Malignancy (Pancreatic cancer)

The mumps, a viral infection, is indicated by the letter M. According to studies, the most frequent cause of virus-induced pancreatitis is the mumps.

A Autoimmune

Autoimmune is indicated by the letter A. When the pancreas is attacked by the body’s immune system, Autoimmune Pancreatitis results. Increased immune cell infiltration into pancreatic tissue is linked to it, though the specific mechanism is unknown.

S Scorpion sting

The S stands for Scorpion Poison. Acute pancreatitis from scorpion stings is possible but uncommon.

H Hypercalcemia, Hypertriglyceridemia (Usually more than 1000mg/dL)

Hypertriglyceridemia and hypercalcemia are both indicated by the letter H. Those who have hypertriglyceridemia-related pancreatitis frequently have triglyceride levels above 1,000 mg/dL.

Similar to the proposed mechanism of Hypertriglyceridemia, Hypercalcemia above 14mg/dl is thought to occur.


Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, also known as ERCP, is a procedure used to identify problems with the biliary or pancreatic ducts. Through an obstruction or injury, ERCP can cause acute pancreatitis.

D Drugs

The D stands for drugs or medications like Azathioprine, Isoniazid, Metronidazole, etc. 


I GET SMASHED pancreatitis rish academy
Causes of Acute Pancreatitis
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