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She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her Mnemonic for Carpal Bones

She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her Mnemonic/Acronym

She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her Mnemonic is one of the most popular and useful mnemonics to remember the Carpal Bones. It can be a little difficult to remember the Carpal Bones for your biology class or the MCAT. So this article will help you greatly. 

What does She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her stand for?

  • She – Scaphoid

  • Looks – Lunate

  • Too – Triquetrum

  • Pretty – Pisiform

  • Try – Trapezium

  • To – Trapezoid

  • Catch – Capitate

  • Her – Hamate

She Looks Too Pretty Try To Catch Her Carpal Bones rish academy
Carpal Bones
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Short summary of the Anterior Pituitary Hormone System

The anterior pituitary is an endocrine gland that releases a variety of hormones in response to stimuli from the hypothalamus and other sources.

The hypothalamus is the bridge between the Endocrine and Nervous systems. The hypothalamus controls the anterior pituitary gland through the release of tropic hormones into the hypophyseal portal system, which directly connects the hypothalamus to the anterior pituitary. When a hormone from the hypothalamus arrives at the anterior pituitary, it will regulate the gland by either stimulating or blocking the release of an anterior pituitary hormone. Once a hormone is released from the anterior pituitary, it will go on to act on other endocrine tissues (in the case of tropic/FLAT hormones) or to act directly on some other part of the body (in the case of direct/PEG hormones).

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